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Groconut - horticultural coconut water
Groconut - horticultural coconut water

Groconut - horticultural coconut water

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Grow with Groconut® as an alternative to synthetic rooting stimulants and growth boosters. Our tonic contains natural plant growth boosting properties as well as essential micro and macro nutrients that have been proven to stimulate fastergrowth of foliage and roots. Use Groconut® exclusively or alongside your fertilising routine to visibly boost growth.

 Won’t cause nutrient burn;
 Maximizes uptake of nutrients;
 Stimulates cell enlargement resulting in leaf expansion;
 Encourages growth of lateral buds;
 Deeply conditions the soil;
 Treat nutrient imbalances;
 Use as a rooting hormone in propagation.

DISCLAIMER: Product absorbs moisture very easily. To ensure shelf life is maintained, please keep refrigerated once heat seal is broken and use dry utensils when measuring.




Mix ¼ teaspoon of Groconut per litre of water into a spray bottle. Shake well, and use mixed solution within 12 hours. Spray foliage (especially the undersides) of plants and cuttings once a week for best results.

½ teaspoon of Groconut per litre of water. Mix well. Use mixed solution within 12 hours. Use Groconut with every second watering for best results.

1 teaspoon of Groconut per litre of water for use in propagation. Mix well and leave the base of the cutting in solution for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Discard solution and put cutting in your choice of growth medium.
TIP 1: Boost growth by applying Groconut as a foliar spray or use the above method to re-soak cuttings weekly throughout the propagation process to stimulate growth.
TIP 2: Instead of discarding the solution, dilute it further and add it into your potted plants/gardens to reduce waste!

·  Semi-Hydroponics:
Add Groconut to reservoir for 6-12 hours. Replace with clean water. For best results, add hydrogen peroxide (3ml per litre of a 3% solution) to the reservoir after use.
·  Hydroponics
For use in full hydroponic systems we recommend using Groconut 6-12 hours before you’re due to do a clean and a water change.
Based on favourable EC/PPM levels, we recommend using Groconut in the following doses:
·  Seedling Phase: ¼ teaspoon per litre
·  Vegetative Phase: ½ teaspoon per litre
·  Flowering Phase: 1 teaspoon per litre

Mix ½-1 tsp of Groconut per litre of quality new soil medium when repotting toreduce/prevent the effects of transplant shock.
TIP: Add activated charcoal into your soil mix for best results. Learn more about the benefits of charcoal here.




Use mixed product within 12 hours for best results. Using it after this time may mean the hormones are no longer effective, and beneficial bacteria may start to grow. This is useful for conditioning soil of potted plants/gardens, however not useful for unrooted/rooting cuttings which require sterile conditions.